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Jeff & I bonded over wine. A bottle of 1997 Stonestreet Legacy, to be exact. Drunk through a Twizzler straw. It obviously wasn't our first bottle. We overlapped briefly at my first wine job and hit it off pretty famously. We have had a lot of wine since then, over more meals or tasting notes than I can count.

When I'm not writing this, I work for a California wine distributor and importer. I fell in love with wine while in grad school in Bloomington, Indiana. I have been tasting (and traveling to taste) ever since. When I moved to San Francisco, I took wine up as my profession and haven't looked back at the myriad ways I could have made more money. It's about the love, after all.

Jeff started much younger than me, in Austin, Texas. He has been a sommelier and retail wine buyer at several different joints, including his current post at Andronicos Markets, where I call on him as a client. He is currently studying to be accepted to the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Amberly is my wife, editor, and culinary partner in crime.